anonymous bodies offers workshops in Making Work, Improvisation, Site-based and Interdisciplinary Performance and Professional Development.  These workshops can be taught over a day, a week (5 classes) or over a semester. All our residencies are about teaching students how to find their own voices as artists. We give students basic compositional tools, based in our own aesthetic/history, and deeply embedded in improvisational techniques, to create live performance that situates itself in a contemporary conversation and performance world. We encourage students to take risks, fail, be wild, and expand the cannon.


The Illegible Body in Performance (and Society)  

This class will use various movement, theatrical, visual, and psychic methods to investigate themes of illegibility as a nuanced creative vehicle for performance making.

Oftentimes considered to be confusing and/or a site of physically imposed violence and misunderstanding, the illegible body in the contemporary moment exists, simultaneously, within two psychic states: a state filled with futurity & experimentation and another overcome by externalized fear & perceived dissidence. Framed as part theory, part vocalization, part group movement/thinking improvisation, students will investigate illegible (but precise) states of being, sensitivity, risk-taking, eroticism, exhibitionism, and bad behavior. 

Together we watch and support each other by finding, exposing, and attempting to break open previously locked or hidden pathways of emotional, physical and visual performativity. Students are encouraged to bring props and costumes to the workshop to which they have personal meanings, but are willing to let be destroyed. 

Professional Development for Artists

This course has two components: group workshops focusing on special topics and one-on-one planning work. Workshops can be lead in: fundraising, grant-writing, marketing your work, strategic planning for artists, money, artist statements, and real estate for artists.

Choreographing Audience

In this workshop, we examine the problem of the performer/witness binary, and work on creative ways of destroying it. We practice choreographing both performer and audience, creating situations where the two are interchangeable. We work in different sites, using a variety of strategies to guide participants/audience through space. 

Choreographing Futurity

In this course we use movement modalities, ecstatic states, re-mixing of material, group dialogue, vocalization, choreographic structures for making devised work, and improvisation to understand radical presence in performance. We create our own form, by unearthing how what we are naming as 'content' intertwines with what we are naming as 'form.' We do, undo, and redo. We search for out truths and our artifice. Working with feminist and queer political/ aesthetic strategies and histories, we distance ourselves from hierarchical means of making. We investigate our own subjectivity, in a room with others. We look at the ethics of what we make. We destroy. We make new futures.