Alt Mode [2015} is an interdisciplinary stage show created in collaboration with electronic music artist Ryat (Brainfeeder). The work is currently being developed between a team based in LA, New York and Philadelphia. It integrates RYAT’s meditative avant-jazz compositions, beat sampling, and instrumental sound-processing with experimental choreography, interactive media, video mapping and set design. Alt Mode is a meditation on presentations of identity through themes of doubleness, othering, pleasure and melancholy. We explore ecstatic states, state-shifting, radical presence and pleasure as revolution.

Work premieres at Summer Stage Central Park, New York NY  August 19, 2015

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Perform me [2014], is an interactive performance and video installation that tries to unearth how information travels from one body to another. Perform me is a series of interactions, each with one performer, and one audience member. Each audience member becomes a performer by performing a response to what they witnessed for another audience member. All exchanges were documented and played simultaneously during an installation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Concept and Installation: Kate Watson-Wallace.

Performances by Gabriel Rivera, Guadalupe Rosales, Nyugen Smith, Sandrine Schaefer, Alena Tunprasert-Ahrens, Caroline Wright, Kate Watson-Wallace. This is a living structure that will exist in future iterations.

Performed and installed at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Mash Up Body [2014] is a meditation on agency, radical presence, and embedded patriarchy in the art world. This dance asks, in the words of bell hooks: what “white supremacist capitalist patriarchal” values am I taking on in my rehearsal process and work, and how can this shift? It is a practice in form as politic.

Mash Up Body looks at the politics of aesthetics and the role of a delegated performer. What agency do we have (and not have) onstage as a dancer and how do we insert our own values into the work? It looks at cultural power structures that play themselves out in the performance world. It is a performance in two parts: First: a dance a choreographed on the ensemble that embodies the value systems of the choreographer, and Second: the cast’s remix and total destruction of that dance.

I hand my dance over to the performers and see what they do.

Please, destroy this, what I have made. I see new futures being created, inside this vessel, this performance.
Part runway, part club, part proscenium, this experience is a series of confessionals. In it, we become you, and each other. This performance is an experiment in becoming fierce, fragile, unadorned. We use our bodies as channels to conjure memories of each other, and play people we are not.

Choreographed and directed by Kate Watson-Wallace

Created in collaboration with musician Christopher Sean Powell, dramaturge Jaamil Kosoko, and dancers devynn emory, Cori Olinghouse, Marjani Forte, Jasmine Hearn, and live lighting desugner Zach Zvaboda.

Mash Up Body was started in a developmental residency at the Yard, under an invitation from David R. White. Mash Up Body was created with generous support by the PEW Center for Arts & Heritage through Dance Advance, a commissioning residency at Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and anonymous bodies individual donors.

Black Male Revisited [2013] a series of visual performance, conversations, and screenings

Directed, performed and curated by Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

"Black Male Revisited is my attempt to begin a dialogue about issues of visibility for Black Male Performance and Visual Artists. I want to celebrate BLACK MALE, a deeply important exhibition that happened 20 years ago using my body, my history, my work as the focal point to discuss themes of Black Masculinity from a first person perspective."

-Jaamil Olawale Kosoko

Part visual installation, part live performance spectacle, Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, a Brooklyn based artist and curator, brings a presence to the stage that asks viewers to reconsider their impressions of the Black Male Body in performance and visual art.  In this mini retrospective of the artist's decade collection of past works, Kosoko reconfigures and recycles previous works into a new two part, evening length solo performance filled with moving original poetry, live music, wild theatrical antics, and live sculpture.  Show may contain full male nudity, adult themes and language.

Presenting partners include: Miami Theater Center, Art Basel Miami, Dance New Amsterdam’s Artist In Residence program, Danspace Project.

i was at a party and my mind wandered off... [2012]

Choreography by Kate Watson-Wallace. Commissioned by Ballet X.

Music by: King Britt

Costume design: Martha Chamberlin

Performed at the Wilma Theater, Philadelphia PA

Revenge of the New Negro, [2012]
"New Negro" is a term popularized during the Harlem Renaissance implying a more outspoken advocacy of dignity and a refusal to submit quietly to the practices and laws of Jim Crow racial segregation. The term "New Negro" was made popular by Alain LeRoy Locke. Lately, I've been in a deep discourse with myself and the history of my body. In this theatrical solo work, I construct a character "New Negro" (part stallion, part human, part rock star) who is possessed by a demon of the past, resurrected and seeking revenge.  

Performer/Creator: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko.  Presented at Fall Bridge in Philadelphia.

anonymous bodies [2012} unearths the innermost hidden physical and psychological structures of the creative process. Theories of identity mash up against visual and performance aesthetics to create a genre defying face-off between two of Philadelphia’s most dynamic voices in contemporary dance. This dance is in progress. In it, we practice becoming the memory of each other, attend a funeral for the U.S., share the space. We are bearing witness. In this space, we perform confessionals for each other.

Choreographed and Imagined by: Kate Watson-Wallace & Jaamil Kosoko
Costume Design: anonymous bodies
Original Cast: Kate Watson-Wallace and Jaamil Kosoko

Presented by Kelly Strayhorn Theater (premiere) and Movement Research at Judson Church

Leadership Support for the New Stages for Dance Initiative is provided by MetLife Foundation. New Stages for Dance is a program of Dance/USA Philadelphia.


STORE [2009}, a performance installation directed and choreographed by Kate Watson-Wallace.

Chronicling the inner life of the American consumer and performed inside in an abandoned Rite Aid, STORE is inspired by how and why we consume- brands, products, the ideal of a new life. It imagines the wreckage of our excess, the after math, the post-apocolyptic absurdity of a culture based on consumption and greed. Part performance art, part dance party, part replication of an exagerated shopping experience, STORE is the third work in the American Spaces Trilogy (HOUSE, 2006; CAR, 2008). Audiences surround the set of an absurdist infomercial that’s being shot for a shopping network. A shopping-lady avatar gives guidance on products and protocol. A set built of thousands of clothes morphs throughout the show, from vast garbage-like piles to neatly stacked walls to outfits for the audience to wear. We are ghosts in this world. We long to be satisfied. We feel empty. We devour, destroy, consume.

Choreography & Direction: Kate Watson-Wallace

Co-direction and Text: Brian Osbourne 
Video Installation and Design: Ricardo Rivera
Sound Design and Composition: Josh Cicetti 
Dramaturgy: Sebastienne Mundheim 
Costume Design: Millie Hiibel 
Scenic Design: Steven Dufala
Original Cast: Charlotte Ford (on film), Makoto Hirano, Jaamil Kosoko, Lorin Lyle, John Luna, Heather Murphy, Kate Watson-Wallace

Presented by The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival (premiere) and Kelly Strayhorn Theater.

STORE was created with generous support from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through Dance Advance, and from the Rockefeller Map Fund, a program of Creative Capital.


 An Expectation of Violence [2011 ] This piece is a personal manifesto. For this work, I was interested in confronting my mother's mental illness creating a world that is situated just on the outside of reality. It has a logic of its own.  I was also interested in creating a world that emotionally deconstructs by the end of the piece.      

Director/Performer/Creator: Jaamil Kosoko. Presented at The Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA

This work was created with support from the New Festival and the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.


CAR [2008] is a movement installation that takes place in and around a moving vehicle. Using the landscape of a parking garage, audience members move and are moved through a series of performance vignettes that inhabit the at once private and public space that is a car. CAR investigates the body of performer/driver, the body of witness/passenger, and the body of the car itself. CAR explores how we communicate when we are encased in a small piece of metal that can speed, stop, lock us in, blow us up, or crash at any moment. CAR is a performance that takes place inside a parking garage. Audience members will be asked to walk throughout the garage during the performance.

Concept/Choreography/Direction: Kate Watson-Wallace

Video Installation and DesignRicardo Rivera
Sound Design and Composition: Josh Cicetti
Dramaturgy: Sebastienne Mundheim 
Performers: Eun Jung Choi, Makoto Hirano, Alexandra Holmes, Jaamil Kosoko, John Luna, Lorin Lyle, Megan Mazarick, Shannon Murphy, Guillermo Ortega Tanus, Brian Osbourne, Daniele Strawmyre, Zach Svoboda, Michele Tantoco

Presented by The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival (premiere), Bryn Mawr Performing Arts Series, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Kimmel Center's Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts

CAR was created with generous support from the Pew Center for Arts & Heritage through Dance Advance, and from the Rockefeller Map Fund, a program of Creative Capital.